Lim Bo Seok’s 1st Birthday Baby Ring

The 1st Birthday Baby Ring(Pure Gold) was first produced by Im Bo-seok on 47th Street in Manhattan’s Diamond 47th Ave in 1985. Lim Bo-seok is the third largest factory-owned jewelry company that has been trusted as a vender of (Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, met life) companies for over 10 years.

The origin and meaning behind 24K pure gold 1st Birthday Baby Ring

Babies may have difficulty in digestion due to the weakening organs. Meaning that lots of nature’s strength (concrete floor, trees and gold) can help prevent it with the first birthday ring. This is a Korean traditional definition.

That’s why there was a tradition of giving money for the first birthday and gold for the health as a gift for the baby’s very first birth date. Our unique tradition, beloved family and close friends wish the baby’s health by presenting your baby’s very first birth date ring as a collection of Lim Bo Seok’s 1 Don 24k 1st Birthday Baby Ring with various designs.

Also, the trend nowadays gifts golden spoon instead of the 1st Birthday Baby Ring. It also pulls off the popularity because it combines the tradition together. Golden spoon also has a meaning of being born in a wealthy household so that being said the the trend changes. Only few selected precious children chosen like the golden spoon becomes a gift item replacing the 1st Birthday Baby Ring.
You can also purchase a golden spoon for the very 1st year of the baby’s birthday as a gift at Lim Bo Seok.

The reason why we call pure gold as “24k”

The unit of purity of gold is the carat, not the percentage we are used to.
This is called 24k pure gold. So, when we express pure gold, it is represented by 24K, and impurity gold is represented as 18K and 14K. There is no problem when we use gold units terms, but I wonder why you used the number 24? It is convenient to calculate the number 100, so why did you use 24?

Carat is said to originate in the carap, a kind of plant from the Middle East. Carob is a tree fruit belonging to the genus Serotonia, a pod weighing 1.25 grams, and people in the area exchanged gold or salt based on the amount of dried carp in one hand. That’s why the standard is the weight of the carp is usually caught by an adult’s hand. One adults handful can grab up to 24 pods so this where the term 24k came from. (99.99% highest purity also refers to pure gold 24k.) 18K is 18/24 purity, meaning that 75% is gold and the other 25% contains other metals such as silver or copper. You can say that 14K contains 58.5% gold.

Representing 24k as pure gold means permanent discomfort

Ordinary metals deprive electrons in their natural state and are easily rusted, but gold is highly stable because electrons are filled in the outermost electron shell of the atom, making it difficult to lose electrons. Since there is no change in the material. It also means that gold is not permanently corroded. Gold with an atomic number of 79 has a cation but can also be converted to an anion. This is why gold artifacts from ancient tombs are excavated in their original form over time.

Yellow in the gold means nobleness in the light

The gold symbol Au comes from the Hebrew word aus, which means light, and the English gold, also derived from the Sanskrit word jvolita, means gold as light.

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